Corrosion-FREE protects your vehicle against damage caused by salt, liquid de-icing and winter driving conditions.

It is designed to penetrate the seams and crevices.  It eliminates moisture and prevents rust and corrosion in all metals.

It protects vinyl and plastic surfaces from UV rays and improves the function of moving parts through lubrication.


At South West Coatings, we take our commitment to your vehicle seriously.


Temperature changes from cold to hot, freezing and thawing is devastating to the seams and spot welds of a vehicle.  Trapped moisture freezes and the expansion of the crevice ruptures the paint and creates a cavity that only needs the warm sun to cook the rot.  Rust and corrosion undermine the structural integrity and negatively affect the overall appearance of your vehicle and reduce the value and life of the vehicle.  Corrosion-FREE gives your vehicle the ability to fight back!


Corrosion-Free Rust Protection is clean, clear and drip-free.  You can be confident it works because it’s a “see through” formula.  It actually creeps and penetrates without dripping - a very important feature for protecting seams and crevices.  It’s much better than dealer applied or manufacturer’s rustproofing because it maintains the ‘factory new look’ beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.


Not only does it prevent body panel rust perforation, it also saves hundreds of dollars in repairs to fuel lines, fuel tanks, emergency brake cables and brake lines, items not covered by aftermarket or manufacturers’ warranties.  It prevents rust and corrosion in all metals, it protects vinyl and plastic surfaces from UV rays and improves the function of moving parts through lubrication.  Corrosion- FREE has the ability to cling to the metal, even in high-pressure car washes.

Value Added Bonus Features

  Prevents stone chips from festering

  Prevents gas lines from rotting

  Prevents moisture in seams from freezing

  Maintains structural integrity of frame

  Prevents rust and corrosion

  Prevents door locks from freezing

  Penetrates and lubricates nuts and bolts

  Eliminates squeaks and creaks

  Smooths the operation of hinges and cables

  Lubricates window and door mechanisms

  Protects rubber and vinyl trim from UV

  Preserves the factory-new look





Corrosion-FREE Oil Guard 'What We Do and Where We Do It' Diagram


"U" Package

"E" Package

"C" Package

The 'UnderBody' Rust Cure

  Unibody or solid frame

•  Fuel tank

•  Fuel & brake lines

•  Parking brake cables

•  Wheel wells


Plus HST

The 'Essentials' Rust Cure

All Items in "U" Package, PLUS:

•  Door bottom seams

•  Hood

•  Trunk lids

•  Tailgate doors


The 'Complete' Rust Cure

All Items in "E" Package, PLUS:

•  All body panels & floor pan

•  Power windows & door locks

•  Electric regulators &

•  Radio antennas

•  Hinges & surface rust treatment


Plus HST

Plus HST

BEYOND THE FUTURE WARRANTY - The Best Warranty in the Industry!

18 Months of Protection!

Qualified vehicles receive the industry's best and most comprehensive warranty.  It's 'no holes barred', which means you don't have to wait for a hole for us to react.


The Beyond the Future Warranty goes beyond the coverage of other rustproofing warranties because we warrant all body panels, not just from the window line down.*


Check the terms of your manufacturer's new car warranty.  Don't be surprised to find rust perforation to be limited to just 3 years.  On the other hand, examine the terms of our warranty.  You will quickly recognize the tremendous benefits made possible by Corrosion-Free formula and you will welcome the peace of mind offered by this one of a kind warranty.*

*Please refer to 'BEYOND THE FUTURE WARRANTY' for specific coverage and exclusions.

Corrosion-FREE Oil Guard 'Beyond the Future Warranty'

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