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Our Company


South West Coatings Inc. is proud to offer our customers

the highest quality coating solutions that are specialized

to our customers' needs.


Founded in 2014, we are new to the Petrolia, ON area but have extensive experience in the Auto Body, Construction and Engineering fields.


Our services currently cover the area from Sarnia to Chatham to London.


Our staff is motivated and enthusiastic about working with our customers to

meet their specific coatings needs, including truck bed liners and accessories, machinery and high wear applications, decks and docks, cement and masonry among others.  Whatever the job, South West Coatings can work with you to design a coating system using specialized products to protect your assets and investments.

Our Mission


1.  We seek to provide the highest quality protective coatings capable of standing up to the harshest environments and customized for your unique application.


2.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality of customer service to meet the needs of our customers to ensure satisfaction.  We are committed to safe, reliable, and professional conduct and endeavor to relentlessly improve in these areas.


3.  We will always strive to provide competitive pricing that ensures the best value for our customers.

Our Services


South West Coatings is a high-quality protective coating service company spraying specialized, ultra-high performance coatings. We use state-of-the-art,

industry-leading spray reactors to apply the coating you need.  Our dedication

to the best customer service in the industry ensures your satisfaction and

helps us continuously improve as the industry changes. Do you think your job

is too challenging?  Think again.  Using leading edge spray and polymer

technology, combined with professional applicators, we can tackle the most challenging jobs.


Protect Your Investment:

No one appreciates the value you place on your investments better than we do. Why not make them last longer? A spray-in Bullet Liner or spray-on application

is a perfect way to protect performance, style, and resale values of your truck, boat, trailer, machinery, pools, garage floor and much more! The application

possibilities are virtually endless.


Stand Out From the Competition:

Customizing your equipment makes you stand apart from the competition.

South West Coatings offers spray coatings in any color and many different textures to set your business apart from the competition while offering cutting-edge protection to keep you from getting bogged down with maintenance

costs. Tell us about your custom project or color matching needs today.


Control Your Maintenance Costs:

Your equipments needs to be at work every day to keep you in business. Unreliable equipment will cost you more to maintain and will result in lost

revenue.  South West Coatings can customize your protective coating to

ensure your equipment lasts longer and adds more to your bottom line -

all while looking great in the process.


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